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About Wallis Consultancy

Mike Wallis is a retired senior banker with professional qualifications and experience in both personal and business banking. He is also my Dad. Mike runs a claims management company from home in his spare time The website was recently refocussed and simplified to reflect on Mike's move away from PPI and into mediation.


The original Wallis Consultancy website was made ~10 years ago by an older sibling. This led Mike to want the website revamped and updated to bring it to the standard of his competitors. He gave me instructions that he wanted the site to be clean and well laid out and easy for me to maintain in the future. After researching different competitors current designs and receiving the content from Mike, I began work on the project. The Wallis Consultancy website was completed over the summer of 2016 and was my first experience with web development for someone but myself.

A screenshot of the wallisconsultancy.co.uk homepage

The homepage for wallisconsultancy.co.uk

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The areas of mediation page for wallisconsultancy.co.uk

Technical Details

I wrote wallisconsultancy.co.uk in plain HTML & CSS using PHP includes to make a simple templating system so I would only write one navigation section and so on. For the design I used a Bootstrap3 template and then my HTML & CSS skills to tweak it to Mike's specifications. The form submission is achieved through PHP and the confirmation emails sent using PHP Mailer, code inherited from the older sibling mentioned earlier and modified for the new layout/features.

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