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About my old website

During my first year at the University of Portsmouth I completed activities and coursework which enabled me to improve my programming ability and web development skills. To further develop and showcase this new knowledge I created a personal website which is designed to act as an interactive CV. The website helped me to achieve a University placement at IBM.


I wanted to achieve two things while building this website. The first was to gain experience developing and launching a website myself, and the second was to create an online portfolio to help me achieve a University placement. To achieve the second goal I ensured that I had sections which highlighted my first year grades and projects that I had completed and another section which contained details of work experience that I had gained up to that point.

A screenshot of my old personal website header

The header section for my old personal website

A screenshot of my old personal website university work section

Showcasing first year work completed at the University of Portsmouth

Technical Details

As this was my first website and I wanted it to look good and function properly without any bugs I opted to use a Bootstrap3 template. This meant that most of my development time was spent adding HTML & CSS rather than any JavaScript. While using a template was a bit of a cheat in reflection, the focus on HTML & CSS enabled me to gain a good foundation in Web development that I was able to use on my placement year and in other projects such as this website and more using React.js

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The whole website as a gif

Demo of my old single-page website