About ArtistJodi

Jodi specialises in Resin and Acrylic art. Her career has spanned over 20 years and she has sold her art across Europe, Japan, Egypt, America, Singapore and widely throughout the UK. After creating art with acrylics over many years, Jodi has recently begun a new adventure using resin art. With resin Jodi is able to create a range of art from splashbacks to personalised snowboards. Jodi asked me to create a platform which she can use to share her art with the world.


As an artist, Jodi had already designed her website before asking me to take on the website. It was designed in such a way that would be both user friendly, show off her personality and most importantly focus on the art. After our first discussion, it was clear that Jodi wanted me to ensure the website was quick, had a great user experience and that it was SEO friendly. I was given the various page designs, an artistic license and then set about planning and developing the website.

A screenshot of the homepage

The homepage for

A screenshot of the commissions page

The commissions page for

Technical Details

I chose to write in React.js using Next.js framework as the server side rendering is a perfect for fast page loading time and strong SEO. For fast image load time, I use a Next.js plugin to compress the images. Bootstrap 4 is used to get the responsive layout and font-awesome for icons that are not designed by Jodi. No templating is used for the page structure as in order to stay true to Jodi's initial design. The site is setup to do an automatic HTTPS redirect and scores highly on Google lighthouse.

A gif of the acrylic page

The acrylic art page for